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2023.6.25 news  [Opening commemorative campaign 20% special discount is being implemented! ! Limited to the first 50 groups]

2023.6.25 news  [Reservations have started from June 25th until September! ! ]

秩父多摩甲斐国立公園内のグランピング施設La Fonte

Koshu City, Fruit Kingdom, the city of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains and Jomon Ruins

Glamping facility La Fonte in Chichibu Tama Kai National Park

La Fonte means "water source" in Italian.
Our glamping facility is located at an altitude of 1200m in Chichibu Tama Kai National Park.
It is surrounded by water source forests in Tokyo.
La Fonte is characterized by extremely delicious water with a hardness of 25 degrees and a pH of 7.3, which is pumped up from beneath the granite underground.
You can go fishing for char and yamame trout in the river in front of your eyes, or go out to observe salamanders.
It can also be fun to chop wood and make a bonfire.
The virgin forest of Mt. Kasatori, which produces the first drop of water in Tokyo,
Walking along Daibosatsumine, one of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains, is also an activity unique to this area.

La Fonte

The charm of La Fonte


All tent buildings are equipped with toilets, sinks, and baths!

There are four bell tent accommodation facilities. All buildings are equipped with toilets, washbasins, and baths, so you can use them at any time without having to move from your accommodation building. The walls of the washroom are finished with soft cherry-colored plaster, and the walls of the bath are clad in Japanese cypress. Enjoy a bath heated with natural water!


A spacious lodge made with natural materials!

All interior finishing materials are available, from paint to wax and wall materials.It is made of natural materials so you can stay with peace of mind.

The breadwinner pillar and the large hand-carved beams are worth seeing!

The cypress bath while looking at the oak trees and flowing river is also popular.

Enjoy your precious time while listening to the sound of the river.


The dog is also very happy!

Glamping where you can spend time with cute dogs.

It is a building exclusively for small dogs, and the dedicated space is fenced off, soDogs can roam freely in the natural surroundings of trees.can.

Surrounded by greenery, please spend a wonderful time with your beloved family.


Exciting BBQ with authentic grill!

A 1 pound (2 servings) steak will be grilled to perfection!
Let's grill all the vegetables! ! The sweetness is completely different.
Focusing on vegetables from local LaFonte farms in Yamanashi and Machida, Tokyo
Available according to the season.
Happy hour for a limited time only! ! For customers with meal plans,
All you can drink draft beer and highballs from 15:00 to 20:00! !

Experience/sightseeing around the area


― Check-in location ―

52 Ichinose Taka, Enyama, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 404-0021

・Please contact us by message or call from our official LINE account 5-10 minutes before your arrival!
​ The staff will guide you.

2 minutes by car from Ochiai bus stop
・2 minutes by car from Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Waterworks Water Resources Management Office Ochiai Branch

There are two locations with the same address, so if you enter the above address into your navigation system, you will be guided to a different location.  

    Please refer to the Google  MAP above!

​For those coming by car
[Using the Chuo Expressway]
Shinjuku IC to Katsunuma IC: Approximately 1 hour / Katsunuma IC to La Fonte: Approximately 40 minutes

[Use the lower road towards Ome]
Akiruno - via Utaki - via Lake Okutama - La Fonte: Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes
​For those coming by train
[Using JR]
・JR Shinjuku Station - JR Enoyama Station (JR Limited Express Kaiji/4 stations): 1 hour 20 minutes
JR Enzan Station - La Fonte: Approximately 30 minutes by taxi
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